A full workplace system tailored for you
Get on-demand solutions made to evolve with how companies work and manage change, circumventing the cost of ownership.
The Knotel Model
Packaged solutions for complete, productive settings
High-performance design built with reuse in mind
Serviced subscription with financial flexibility to scale as you do
Our Portfolio Review
The wall
A reconfigurable, freestanding architectural solution for partitioning, modular conferencing, and room division. Panels are completely customizable with endless finish options including cork, felt, and whiteboard.
The phone booth
Soundproof privacy pods for private, comfortable, and uninterrupted phone calls. The versatile geometric design is ideal for both nesting multiples and standalone use.
The Desks
A convertable day 2 benching solution from fixed height to sit/stand with an optional electronic lifter. Available in either 48" or 60" sizes with multiple leg and top finishes for assorted style variations. 
About Us
Born out of parent company Knotel, Geometry began as an initiative to find sustainable architectural objects that can withstand multiple usage changes over several years. There is a gap in the market in architectural objects and workplace furniture, and a large capital expense is required to furnish space at scale. This is why we created a productive furniture service that matches the flexibility companies seek today.

We know how people work. We're building intuitive solutions that activate decisions and behavior and redefine what it means to be productive.